See April 26, 2020 Notice: bottom of the page.

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Genesis 1:1 In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.

Gem of Creation

"Gems of Creation"
(Original oil on 30x40" canvas . Copyright 2007 Slavujac)

APRIL 26, 2020 NOTICE:
Presently, the pages of oil paintings, water colors and pastels are unavailable. Previously, the website was hacked from without, but this week , from within, turning many images on their sides, and mischievously distorting them. As the technology of the flash buttons is due to be rendered obsolete by newer technology by the year's end, this is a good time to search other website renderings for the hundreds of biblical illustrations I have made over the past 25 years. This website has been up for over 14 years, and has served its purpose of edification of born again Christians, and the curiosity of others who may be perplexed by the word of God.

In the meantime, many of the illustrations can be seen incorporated into music/videos of the PSALMS on my YouTube channel, repentbelieve1.